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Real 3D Murals
This is not a pink monkey with 3D glasses "Every 3D Mural comes with
2 FREE MD3D Glasses!"

Mural Direct has embraced the popularity of 3-D technology and have designed murals to literally 'pop off the wall' for an amazing effect. There are a lot of claims out there for 3D murals that are basically just perspective drawings that have a 3 dimensional look, but are not 3D. Our murals are actually 3-D, specifically designed to work with specialty 3-D glasses to get the true 3-D effect.

The Double WOW effect
The great thing about these murals unlike other 3-D prints is that they are NOT 2-toned (Red and Blue) images blurred together. These murals work with a patented 3-D process that enables the creation of 'normal' looking colour murals that can be viewed as two dimensional designs without the 3-D glasses, but which jump into dramatic 3-D when viewed through the 3-D glasses. What that means is you get a truly great looking mural, exactly as it is displayed on the site that works as a 3D mural as well. Thats like double the WOW factor with one mural!

Our 3D Glasses Lifetime Warranty
3d glasses All of our 3D murals come with 2 Free pairs of MD-3D glasses, so your little ones won't fight over them. Should for any reason you lose or damage your 3D glasses we offer you a *Free lifetime glasses replacement warranty. Simply send us a self addressed stamped envelope marked '3D glasses' along with a copy of the receipt/transaction number of your purchase and we will send you a pair immediately at no charge.

*Free lifetime glasses replacement warranty only applies to 3D mural purchasers, customers must supply a copy of their 3D mural receipt or transaction number with their self addressed stamped envelope. Free replacement pair of 3D glasses are limited to 2 a year per 3D mural purchase.

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