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The Mural Direct Story
Direct Decorative Design — Nothing but the best!

Mural Direct/JP London was created in 2013 born from our love of design and pop culture mash ups. Living and working out of our basements after being surrounded by drab wall decor design in "Corporate Canada" which was made popular out of the DIY shows of the 2000s. Change is and was inevitable.

Desperately seeking rescue from 9-9 jobs; we bailed and haven't looked back, loving every minute of full creative freedom even still working from our dungeon (our basement is a disaster of creative randomness; geek toys, computer books, and obscene collection of sci-fi flicks, way too much computer junk and plants - plus a few murals ;)). We're creatively resourceful and with the help of friends, designed and built all our processing equipment to get our fans our stuff as fast as they want it.

We have fun! We have a drink, a laugh, work and work and draw, colour, draft, finalize and process all our art every day and work more. Our families are flexible and hugely supportive of our crazy nature and focus on global domination against irrelevant decor. We do play a lot too but isn't work supposed to be fun? Cliche yes but only those who have found it know what it feels like...

We marry our goofball ideas with macs, cull out the garbage and get moving on our newest idea and fast; with our customers always in mind. That's the easy part since we are our customers too! We take our beloved mac-reations to the slickest, newest, coolest and fastest digital presses on the planet and make everything you see. We're proud to touch every item we create and proudly stand behind our work.

Every unit is a piece of us. It's the way people should treat their businesses, small or big. We are happy to, and work work with some major retailers as well as small independents.

And we're just getting started...

Have a peek at our collections and see what everyone is itching to get their hands on.
Mural Director
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