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Just take your shot... Want a Custom Mural?
" the limit is only as BIG as your space..."


All custom reproduction murals are made into 18" (1.5 ft) wide panels with our custom, seamless, no overlap effect and the limit is only as big as your space and the resolution of your image. Pricing for full wall size murals is $3.00 sq/ft, THE LOWEST PRICE FOR CUSTOM WALLPAPER out there! *Minimum charge of $250.00 applies for all custom jobs. Custom jobs usually take less than 2 weeks to ship.

Just take your shot with a professional 10+ MP digital camera (camera makers sell this resolution at a minimum now) for a full wall mural and we can make it into a mural directly. Less than 10 MP can sometimes result in an image that is a little gritty for a full wall but if you want a half wall, it’ll be great... so shoot as big as you can when you think you may want to make something extra cool out of it!

We’re already busy working on our cool direct upload feature for your custom mural. We hope to have it completed shortly, however, if you drop us an email we can handle any custom mural project the old-fashioned way — 100% secure FTP transfer of your hi-res scenic, vacation, abstract creation or whatever. If you don't have FTP, you can send us your pics using a great Free large file sending site.

We’ll help you understand this technical stuff so don’t worry about a thing. We’re here to handle it for you – just concentrate on your art creation.

Have a read of our file requirements. Download our spec sheet here or fire off an email to discuss your image. If you still aren’t sure, include your number and we’ll call you back to chat about it!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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