Doing Our Part for the Planet
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Why bother?

As a globally recognized company, we have a responsibility to conduct business that supports the well-being of all people and our planet.

Our clients expect us to innovate and think beyond the needs of today to help care for our collective future. Utilizing organically pigmented inks and substrates free of VOC (volatile organic compounds), Mural Direct continues to exploit our initiatives with care and consideration.

Our commitment to sustainability reflects our energy, spirit and determination to do our part, however small. From recycling batteries, to larger innovations leading to zero waste ink and sound and minimalist recycled packaging offered with all our murals, we continue our industry-leading initiatives.

Please revisit this page in a few months, as we will announce several key environmentally friendly solutions for the marketplace.

We hope you appreciate the consideration we give to the environment and to our families, and help by joining us in reaching tomorrow today.

J.C. Moore
Mural Director


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